Facebook Premium

No matter what stage in the purchasing funnel your buyers are in, you can guarantee two things: they’re shopping online, and they’re on Facebook. In recognition of our excellence in digital marketing through the Facebook Business ad platform, Digital Dealership Solutions has received a Preferred Vendor Status from Facebook—the rst in Canada. We’re o ering up this expertise in our new Facebook Premium package, providing our clients with a team of automotive digital marketing experts to extend your online reach, generate new leads and convert shoppers.

Facebook Preferred Vendor

Facebook is not just the largest social network in Canada, it’s also the number one digital platform where all your past, present, and future buyers are spending the most time online. Facebook understands how a fast-changing digital world has created a fundamental shift in the prospective shopping funnel, and has recognized Digital Dealership Solutions as one of the foremost digital marketing experts in the automotive eld. We have shown a professional understanding of both digital marketing tactics and optimal use of Facebook’s business marketing tools, and as a result, have been designated a Facebook Preferred Vendor.

Why Choose Digital Dealership Solutions?

Digital Dealership Solutions will design and develop a responsive website that increases leads and website traffic. We provide individual design attention to ensure each dealership website design fits your dealership personality and business philosophy.

We develop our search campaigns based on a conversion philosophy not clicks.

We provide 100% transparency. It’s your account we just manage it for you.

Your website is your calling card, name, flag on the field of the competition that makes you stand out to clients.

Your allocated budget goes to advertising. Your needs and goals our #1 priority.

We provide people and expertise not tools or automated bots.

We provide custom ad design for your dealership.

Some of Canada's most respected franchise dealers trust us!

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