Your website needs regular maintenance

Like the vehicles you sell, your website requires monthly maintenance. Web content that's updated often gets seen more frequently than content that's stale; search engine optimization and a good user experience is linked to freshness of content. We’ll make sure your website continues to run smoothly, and that your pages stay relevant and up-to-date with your newest products, services, and offerings taking center stage.

Speedy service

We pride ourselves on lightning-fast response times to requests for web updates. We are a small boutique agency with no intention of getting too big for our client's needs. We monitor your website to make sure updates are made promptly and all content and links work like they should. Our staff is highly knowledgeable, and can solve your web problems promptly and expertly.

Why Choose Digital Dealership Solutions?

Digital Dealership Solutions will design and develop a responsive website that increases leads and website traffic. We provide individual design attention to ensure each dealership website design fits your dealership personality and business philosophy.

We develop our search campaigns based on a conversion philosophy not clicks.

We provide 100% transparency. It’s your account we just manage it for you.

Your website is your calling card, name, flag on the field of the competition that makes you stand out to clients.

Your allocated budget goes to advertising. Your needs and goals our #1 priority.

We provide people and expertise not tools or automated bots.

We provide custom ad design for your dealership.

Some of Canada's most respected franchise dealers trust us!

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